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Nuscheli Lifestyle: Burp Cloth

This post is part of a series called Nuscheli Lifestyle, which is here to highlight the many different uses of Nuscheli cloths. 

There are many different ways to burp your baby; over your shoulder, over your knee, tapping baby's back lightly, or more firmly etc. Not always, but sometimes burping results in some milk spilling. And sometimes, that spilled milk lands on your clothes, in your hair, down your shirt, or splattered on the floor (hopefully not on the antique rug). While we are not here to tell you how to burp your baby, we do offer a product to help you manage spilled milk and prevent ugly spills (on yourself, especially).


Our Nuscheli are roughly 23 inch squares - large enough to cover a good portion of yourself when burping a baby. The organic triple layer gauze cotton is very absorbed, yet lightweight. Drape it over yourself and wait for the milk to land on the scarf instead of you, while burping your baby. Or use the Nuscheli to wipe up spilled milk that missed you and  landed on the floor, furniture or elsewhere instead. 


Bring a few Nuscheli on the go, they are easy and light to carry along. Use them as a burp cloth, to wipe up spilled milk, or use them as a scarf on your baby for catching spilled milk far after the burping. It is much easier to swap out a Nuscheli than an entire outfit (yours or your baby's!). These are perfect for when you need an extra layer between you and your baby!