Mama & Papa Series: Esther Pulcipher


This post is part of a series called Mama & Papa, which is here to highlight the wonderful parents making informed choices to live more sustainably and who are supporting the brands (like Hauptli Haus Kids) who are taking all the measures to provide better and safer products for ourselves and our children, and ultimately for our earth!

Esther Pulcipher from Lancaster, PA

@lattes_and_layers & @Esthermariephoto

What are your children’s names and ages?

Declan Pulcipher, 19 months

What is the best part of parenthood for you?

Having a little one to hang out with and love. I really find so much joy being around my son, exploring with him, and nurturing him. 

What does your family do to be more sustainable? Do you have any tips for families looking to be more sustainable or how to teach their kids to be eco-conscious? 

Being more sustainable is a newer concept for our family, which we started almost a year before our baby was born. We became more aware of toxins and how present they were in our daily lives, so we started to make small changes about the things we chose to purchase regarding food, household and beauty products, and also clothing and toys. 

I still feel like there is a lot that I’m learning, so I don’t feel qualified to give tips, but I would say that with anything, it’s important to do your research. Usually research produces awareness, which for me, has created new values. When I value something, it becomes easier for me to make that value a norm in my home.

What is a typical day like for you? Or, describe your perfect day!

Each day is a bit different, but usually we will make breakfast at home or go to a local coffee shop and then we might go out for errands or go on an adventure to a local town or city. Declan usually naps sometime after lunch and then we spend the afternoon/evening at home playing with toys and making dinner. Right before Declan goes to sleep, he’ll take a bath and then I’ll lay down with him until he falls asleep. 

What is your favorite thing to do with your family? 

Traveling is our favorite activity. Sometimes it’s just a quick day trip, but we usually try to head to a nearby big city once a month. For Declan, he’s content as long as he gets to be outside and walk around, especially if there is a park involved.

What do you think is the most important thing we can teach our kids? 

Awareness is something I find to be very important, because I think it really helps us learn how to positively engage with others. It’s easier to empathize when we are aware of where others are coming from. It also gives us proper context in which to view situations. 

What is your favorite (or most unexpected!) way to use our Nuscheli?

I love using it as an accessory, but I also use it as a bib to help keep clothes clean when he eats. One of the unexpected ways I’ve used it is to keep his straps (on his overalls) from falling off his shoulders. 

Which is your favorite Nuscheli color (sage, marigold, coral, boysenberry, charcoal)? 


If we launched a new set of Nuscheli colors, what would you like to see? Or who would you like to see a collaboration with!

A forest green or olive green would be beautiful.

If you could change one thing in this world today, what would it be?

This is a tough question for me, because there are so many needs in this world; but currently, I have been convicted about the environmental footprint I am leaving for the future of my child and the next generation. Therefore, I would make changes on a macro level that positively impacts our environment and educates the next generation on our responsibility to the environment as an indirect responsibility to ourselves.