Nuscheli Lifestyle: Gift Wrapping

This post is part of a series called Nuscheli Lifestyle, which is here to highlight the many different uses of Nuscheli cloths.

Every holiday season about 4 million (!) tons of gift wrap and decorations end up in our landfills. That’s just in the U.S.! Imagine worldwide… With the holiday season at our doorstep, it’s a good time to take a moment to come up with a strategy for avoiding or limiting excess waste and for considering our environment during this festive time of year.


The Japanese are the pioneers in sustainable gift wrapping with a long history of Furoshiki Wrapping Cloths. We can lean on their tradition and knowledge, and use this same method of wrapping with our Nuscheli cloths. A Nuscheli is a simple, beautiful and eco-friendly way to wrap objects for gifts. And best of all, they can be re-used over and over again after gifting. A gift wrap that keeps giving!


There are several different ways to wrap an object Furoshiki-style. The simplest is placing the Nuscheli on a diagonal in front of you and placing the gift in the center of the Nuscheli. Tie two opposite corners in a knot and then the other opposite pair. To dress up a gift for the holidays, you can simply take a piece of something compostable (twig, lavender, dried flowers etc) and tie a second finishing knot around it. Et voilà!


You may have a stack of used Nuscheli, which your baby might have outgrown that you can use as gift wrapping, or you can gift wrap with a brand new Nuscheli, especially if you are gifting a new mother! She can use it for her baby after unwrapping. But if the receiver of the gift does not have young children, you can mention that they can wrap gifts themselves with it, or use it as a wash cloth, cleaning rag, or to wrap food with.

Give it a try! Your tree will look wonderful with an array of Nuscheli-wrapped gifts! And how great if we can make a targeted effort to lowering the yearly waste from holiday gift wrap and decorations!

P.S. Even if the receiver of your Nuscheli-wrapped gift ends up throwing away the Nuscheli by accident, know that it will not add to the landfill, because they will biodegrade (compost) naturally and safely back into our eco-system! You can’t go wrong! Zero-waste guaranteed!

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Nuscheli Lifestyle: Tummy Time

This post is part of a series called Nuscheli Lifestyle, which is here to highlight the many different uses of Nuscheli cloths.

Tummy Time is an important “exercise” during early infancy for developing and strengthening babies’ neck, shoulders and trunk, as well as the eye muscles while looking up, left and right to see people and objects when placed on his or her tummy.


If instructions were needed, they would go something like this: lay down a soft surface on the floor, cover with something gentle for babies skin and face, then lay your baby down on his tummy. And don’t leave your baby unattended during tummy time. Repeat this exercise a few times a day, gradually increasing the duration of each tummy time exercise.

The part where it says “cover the surface with something gentle for babies skin and face” is where Nuscheli become very handy! Undoubtedly, your baby’s face will be touching the surface underneath his / her head, and possibly drool will dampen the ground and face, or spilled milk might land on the surface under the babies head as well. Nuscheli are extremely soft (made of organic triple layer cotton gauze) and made with the highest standards in eco-friendly, meaning they are chemical and allergen free, protecting baby’s delicate skin from irritants. They are very absorbent to keep babies face dry. Their size (23” x 23”) fits well under your baby and will likely catch the spilled milk or drool, making clean-up is easy for you. Sit back and relax (but don’t let your baby out of sight!). You won’t have to wash an entire blanket or sheep skin after each exercise! Instead, you can just rinse out, or toss the soiled Nuscheli in the wash and use another one at the next tummy time exercise. Might be good to have a stack on hand during these “messy” (but blissful) infant stages!

How many Nuscheli do you keep on hand?


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Nuscheli Lifestyle: Bunting

This post is part of a series called Nuscheli Lifestyle, which is here to highlight the many different uses of Nuscheli cloths.

Nuscheli bunting - who would've thought! It's very homemade, and definitely improvised. Using Nuscheli scarves for bunting and as decorations for a first (or second or third) birthday is not necessarily the most expected way to utilize our cloths. But (!), sometimes its about looking around at what you already have, and making something new with it. It's another way to be more sustainable in your everyday life.

All it takes is some discipline (it is always tempting to shop for new cute things, right?) and some thinking and tinkering. And in the end... it looks really cute and cheerful! But best of all, there is no waste with this Nuscheli bunting, because the Nuscheli get put right back to use after the birthday party... to clean up the cake-smears off the high chair for example. 

Second to best is that your children learn an important message about how to be thoughtful, creative and less wasteful. You are their role model. You have to be the change and carve a path for your children to  follow. At first I wondered how the kids would react to this homemade bunting and the response surpassed my expectations. Ray, 3, was especially thrilled to see the Nuscheli as decorations! She asked that we decorate her room now... so there may be a follow up post soon! 


We used twine and washi tape attached to the wall. As for the Nuscheli, we folded them in half both ways and then draped them over the twine diagonally. Simple! 

Let us know how you would use Nuscheli to decorate for a party!!

Nuscheli Lifestyle: Diaper Cover

This post is part of a series called Nuscheli Lifestyle, which is here to highlight the many different uses of Nuscheli cloths.

In a world where we are actively making an effort to improve the footprint we leave behind (or rather, the lack of footprint) by having chosen to pursue the Cradle 2 Cradle Gold standard for fabricating Nuscheli, it goes without saying that we continue to limit the waste we produce and encourage mindfulness revolving around eco-friendly and sustainable living choices. With that being said, we try to innovate on the daily! Sometimes its as simple as looking around at what you have and making use of these things in a rather unexpected way.

For example, using a Nuscheli as a diaper cover! 


It looks, sort of, home-made, which is part of the sustainable idea. Its an adorable way to dress up a diaper during summer days. We've been experiencing a heatwave in Los Angeles this past week, and the idea came from living in diapers to tolerate the heat. Simply tie a double knot on either side of your baby's hip and voila! 


This idea keeps getting better, because since you create this wearable piece from a square cloth, its adjustable at the ties to fit babies from infant to toddler. It can grow with your baby and has a longer lifespan as diaper cover! 


Anyone following a minimalist wardrobe lifestyle will especially appreciate this simple multi-use of our Nuscheli! Like always - they store easily, weigh next to nothing and function in so many different useful ways for you and your baby! 

Nuscheli Lifestyle: Runny Nose Rag

This post is part of a series called Nuscheli Lifestyle, which is here to highlight the many different uses of Nuscheli cloths. 

This post might not be our most enjoyable one (photo-wise) yet, because we are showing a baby with a runny, snotty nose. However, the photos get the point across and highlight another good use for our Nuscheli with children. 


Worn as a scarf, Nuscheli become an ideal cloth for wiping your child's runny nose (over and over) and keeping a little control over the snotty mess that will quickly spread onto clothes, furniture and you otherwise. Most importantly, because they are made with 100% organic fair-trade cotton and without any chemicals or irritants, they are softer than regular fabric handkerchiefs and don't make your babies skin raw.

Besides, considering our environment, they can be reused which is a big part of what we are advocating for here. (In other words, you don't need Kleenex!) 


This post was inspired by one of our customers. She wrote us to tell us that her toddler daughter used the Nuscheli scarf by herself as an on-demand rag to wipe her own runny nose over and over! A snot rag! She didn't assume this use when she bought the Nuscheli, but was so delighted that she didnt even have to manage her toddlers snot mess. Her daughter's clothes stayed clean and she would just replace the Nuscheli with a fresh one every other hour. The key is that having a solution handy for busy toddlers which looks good and helps too, is amazing! 

Nuscheli Lifestyle: For Adults, Too

This post is part of a series called Nuscheli Lifestyle, which is here to highlight the many different uses of Nuscheli cloths. 

We've gotten many, many requests from women about whether our Nuscheli fit adults, too. And the answer is yes! Bandana scarves (Nuscheli) are for adults, too!


We've mostly been talking about Nuscheli uses for babies and toddlers, so far (since they are so practical during those years). But they are a great accessory to add to your wardrobe as well. They are easy to store and easy to care for. Considering our environment and our approach of zero waste in the production and the end use of our Nuscheli, this use highlights perfectly how Nuscheli can live on beyond the baby and toddler years. Older children and adults can inherit these practical cloths after they've been used for burping, as bibs and scarves on your baby. 


Or grab a new pack for yourself, or as a gift for a female in your life! 

Nuscheli Lifestyle: TODDLER PRETEND PLAY

This post is part of a series called Nuscheli Lifestyle, which is here to highlight the many different uses of Nuscheli cloths. 

Not just are we highlighting the many different kinds of uses, but we also want to show how your Nuscheli can grow with your child and live on beyond the newborn and baby years when Nuscheli are an everyday essential. 


Maybe its not an every day essential anymore at that age, but Nuscheli become very interesting for toddler play! Their imagination gives them endless uses! One of which is with their dolls and stuffed animals. 


They are especially fun for covering their "babies" with a blankie, swaddling them like a real baby or making a bed from a Nuscheli. Our daughter loves to wear them as capes sometimes, too. It instantly turns her into a mommy! 


They get crinkled up, laid out, wrapped around, tied around or tossed in the air. They are a perfect size for pretend play with dolls and stuffed animals. When we go for walks with the doll stroller, we make sure to bring the Nuscheli stroller blanket for her baby!


Keep them in a basket or bin in their playroom where they can reach them, and you'll be surprised with all the creative ways toddlers use these Nuscheli! 

Nuscheli Lifestyle: Burp Cloth

This post is part of a series called Nuscheli Lifestyle, which is here to highlight the many different uses of Nuscheli cloths. 

There are many different ways to burp your baby; over your shoulder, over your knee, tapping baby's back lightly, or more firmly etc. Not always, but sometimes burping results in some milk spilling. And sometimes, that spilled milk lands on your clothes, in your hair, down your shirt, or splattered on the floor (hopefully not on the antique rug). While we are not here to tell you how to burp your baby, we do offer a product to help you manage spilled milk and prevent ugly spills (on yourself, especially).


Our Nuscheli are roughly 23 inch squares - large enough to cover a good portion of yourself when burping a baby. The organic triple layer gauze cotton is very absorbed, yet lightweight. Drape it over yourself and wait for the milk to land on the scarf instead of you, while burping your baby. Or use the Nuscheli to wipe up spilled milk that missed you and  landed on the floor, furniture or elsewhere instead. 


Bring a few Nuscheli on the go, they are easy and light to carry along. Use them as a burp cloth, to wipe up spilled milk, or use them as a scarf on your baby for catching spilled milk far after the burping. It is much easier to swap out a Nuscheli than an entire outfit (yours or your baby's!). These are perfect for when you need an extra layer between you and your baby! 



Nuscheli Lifestyle: Head Bandana

This post is part of a series called Nuscheli Lifestyle, which is here to highlight the many different uses of Nuscheli cloths. 


Did you wear head bandanas as a child? Its a tradition we are willing to continue (or bring back!) with our own collection of Nuscheli. They are the perfect size to fit around baby and toddler heads. Nuscheli used as a bandana keeps hair neatly tied back and out of your child's eyes, and it provides sun protection outdoors.  Just fold a Nuschli diagonally and tie it in the back of their head. 


Besides the practical (and cute!) aspect of children in head bandanas, I am almost certain that wearing them ignites their imagination. Our daughter will request to wear one during dress up, or when she is fighting dragons, especially. For whatever reason the head bandana makes her feel more fierce! I think we can trust a child's positive reaction on this use of Nuscheli. Go ahead, give it a try!  


PS Styling by Ray (3) herself. She insisted on wearing panties for this shoot. Fierce! 

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Nuscheli Lifestyle: Bib
P1250510 copy.jpg

This post is part of a series called Nuscheli Lifestyle, which is here to highlight the many different uses of Nuscheli cloths. 

Introducing solids to your baby is an incredible (and incredibly messy) milestone! Whether you puree your own baby food, buy pre-made pouches of baby food, or skip spoon-feeding altogether and let your baby self-feed, the goal is always to get most of the food into your babies mouth instead of next to it. We all know that this skill is rarely met from the start and requires a lot of practice (and patience for parents)! The messiness is tedious, but the bib doesn't need to be! 

P1250500 copy.jpg

From experience, anything to make this milestone and mess easier on us parents and caregivers is usually greatly appreciated. 

Our Nuscheli scarves make for a perfect bib for a few reasons. To begin, they tie on easily and cover a lot of surface to catch most food bits (or splatters) falling from and out of your baby's mouth. Their pure organic cotton content makes them extremely absorbent and keeps your babie's neck and clothes dry and clean while working on this masterful eating skills. If the Nuscheli gets very soiled (and you can't stand it any longer!), you can untie it, flip it over and use the clean side of the folded triangle for a "fresh" bib and continue the task of eating.  

P1250554 copy.jpg

When your baby is done eating, Nuscheli scarves can be used to wipe your babies messy face and hands. Two in one! Simply use a clean side of the Nuscheli and dampen it, or not, to wipe up the mess. The fabric is soft and absorbent, and most importantly, its allergen free and therefore safe to use on babies delicate skin to clean it after a meal.  

P1250558 copy.jpg
P1250569 copy.jpg

You can also wipe down the highchair tray or table top with the same Nuscheli. If you are home for this meal, we recommend just rinsing the soiled Nucheli in the kitchen sink with mild soap and hanging it up to dry afterwards.  Because of its lightweight gauze composition, it will dry quickly and can be put back to use again very soon. If it's in a disastrous condition after the meal, then it might be better to toss it in the laundry for a good soak.

P1250583 copy.jpg

If you are planning to be out of the house, these are easy and lightweight to take along in your diaper bag. Pack one or a few to use as a bib, burp cloth, cute bandana, scarf! They are so versatile and practical on the go, especially.