Nuscheli Lifestyle: Tummy Time


This post is part of a series called Nuscheli Lifestyle, which is here to highlight the many different uses of Nuscheli cloths.

Tummy Time is an important “exercise” during early infancy for developing and strengthening babies’ neck, shoulders and trunk, as well as the eye muscles while looking up, left and right to see people and objects when placed on his or her tummy.


If instructions were needed, they would go something like this: lay down a soft surface on the floor, cover with something gentle for babies skin and face, then lay your baby down on his tummy. And don’t leave your baby unattended during tummy time. Repeat this exercise a few times a day, gradually increasing the duration of each tummy time exercise.

The part where it says “cover the surface with something gentle for babies skin and face” is where Nuscheli become very handy! Undoubtedly, your baby’s face will be touching the surface underneath his / her head, and possibly drool will dampen the ground and face, or spilled milk might land on the surface under the babies head as well. Nuscheli are extremely soft (made of organic triple layer cotton gauze) and made with the highest standards in eco-friendly, meaning they are chemical and allergen free, protecting baby’s delicate skin from irritants. They are very absorbent to keep babies face dry. Their size (23” x 23”) fits well under your baby and will likely catch the spilled milk or drool, making clean-up is easy for you. Sit back and relax (but don’t let your baby out of sight!). You won’t have to wash an entire blanket or sheep skin after each exercise! Instead, you can just rinse out, or toss the soiled Nuscheli in the wash and use another one at the next tummy time exercise. Might be good to have a stack on hand during these “messy” (but blissful) infant stages!

How many Nuscheli do you keep on hand?


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