Nuscheli Lifestyle: Runny Nose Rag


This post is part of a series called Nuscheli Lifestyle, which is here to highlight the many different uses of Nuscheli cloths. 

This post might not be our most enjoyable one (photo-wise) yet, because we are showing a baby with a runny, snotty nose. However, the photos get the point across and highlight another good use for our Nuscheli with children. 


Worn as a scarf, Nuscheli become an ideal cloth for wiping your child's runny nose (over and over) and keeping a little control over the snotty mess that will quickly spread onto clothes, furniture and you otherwise. Most importantly, because they are made with 100% organic fair-trade cotton and without any chemicals or irritants, they are softer than regular fabric handkerchiefs and don't make your babies skin raw.

Besides, considering our environment, they can be reused which is a big part of what we are advocating for here. (In other words, you don't need Kleenex!) 


This post was inspired by one of our customers. She wrote us to tell us that her toddler daughter used the Nuscheli scarf by herself as an on-demand rag to wipe her own runny nose over and over! A snot rag! She didn't assume this use when she bought the Nuscheli, but was so delighted that she didnt even have to manage her toddlers snot mess. Her daughter's clothes stayed clean and she would just replace the Nuscheli with a fresh one every other hour. The key is that having a solution handy for busy toddlers which looks good and helps too, is amazing!