Introducing HAUPTLI HAUS Kids

We are so thrilled to be online and operating as a shop! I wanted to introduce ourselves briefly and explain how this brand and product came about. 

I really love kids. As long as I can remember, I always looked forward to having kids of my own one day. I never imagined launching a children's brand, but I'm not surprised how I ended up here. My passion and main profession is in Architecture and Interior Design ( My husband is an Architect ( Our lives are all about good design; we talk it, we live it, we love it. When our daughter was born, our thinking shifted from not just good design to practical designs and simple living (babies come with a ton of gear and "stuff").  

One of the most practical baby items we had were square muslin cloths cut down from swaddle blankets. We used them all the time; as burp cloths, as bibs, as drool catchers / stylish scarves, makeshift diaper changing pad, to wipe up spilled milk etc. etc. In short, if you were to watch a fast-forward video on a typical day in our life, you would see these Nuscheli pop in and out of the screen more than you would see diaper changes. What we loved so much about them, was that we could easily switch it out if it was drenched from drool or spit-up without having to change our babies entire outfit. They were so lightweight we packed several on the go. 

Besides the practical aspect, the Nuscheli worn as scarves were so darn cute. Much cuter than bibs for drooling (in our opinion). The feedback we were getting from all over was the reason we started the brand. People wanted to buy ours directly from us! 

I thought about it and decided I would only put a product into production if I could ensure that there was no waste in the manufacturing and in the end use. I made a promise that I wanted to make sure our children world today is still here tomorrow. That's when I found out about the Cradle to Cradle Certification.

Fast forward... we worked with a family-run mill in Switzerland (where I grew up) to make the Nuscheli and we are proud to say that we are the first children product to reach the GOLD level of Cradle to Cradle certification! Our product are biodegradable, made from organic and fair-trade cotton, are chemical free and safe for biological systems. They are made with 100% renewable energy, greenhouse emissions are compensated and process chemicals are optimized for good water quality. Social fairness attributes provide a positive impact for society and the environment. The colors are carefully curated with my trained eye from Interior Design.  

We are so excited about our product and how eco-friendly it is! We hope you find these scarves / burp cloths / bibs / drool catchers just as practical as we have! We keep a stack in the kitchen, at the changing table and in our diaper bag.  

x Stephanie  




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